Frequently Asked Questions: Chess Assessment

Here you'll find a list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about our Chess Assessment Plans. Don't forget to check the FAQ Categories on the right.

The assessment plans include something called "game review". What's the difference between "game review" and "game analysis"?

When a game is annotated in "review mode", I'll only highlight the strengths and weaknesses in your play. There will be few or no variations, and comments will be brief. However, these details should prove extremely useful to get the big picture of your full assessment.

How do you know that I won't cheat when I take one of your on-line tests?

Our on-line tests are not 100% "cheater proof". But do you really want to spend your money lying to yourself? it all comes down to one simple truth: the whole purpose of the tests is to highlight your weaknesses and strengths so that you can do something constructive with that information. Also, bear in mind that some of the questions in the tests are not meant to have a perfect answer, the answers will be studied and evaluated by an International Master.

Can I earn an award or certificate if I do well in the tests?

Yes, indeed. There are different certificates for scores above 80% and 90%, and a special one for anyone scoring 100%.

Can I take a test more than once? for instance, perhaps I scored less than 50% the first time I took it.

You're only allowed to take the same test 3 months after the first time. You'll have to pay the fee again.