Frequently Asked Questions: General Questions

Here you'll find a list of General FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Don't forget to check the FAQ Categories on the right.

Who are you and who owns chess.clinic?

My name's Javier Gil. I'm an International Master and professional Chess Coach and I'm the owner of chess.clinic. This site was previously known as chesspupil.com and chessnia.com. The new name was acquired when .clinic domains became available in 2014. However, both chesspupil.com and chessnia.com still redirect users to chess.clinic

Where are you located?

I normally travel between Australia and Spain (I'm a dual citizen). From 2005 till 2014, I mainly lived in Australia (that´s where most of my family lives) but in 2015 I moved back to Spain and will probably stay here for a number of years.

Can I use Paypal to pay your fees?

Yes, definitely. You can pay by means of credit card, Paypal or Bank transfer.

What happens if your website closes down?

You mean like kasparovchess.com did some years ago? chess.clinic (under its previous names) has been on line for more than 15 years. We did have other names before: chessnia.com and chesspupil.com, those urls still point at this site, but that's only because .clinic domains did not become available till the second half of 2014.
Click Here to check our site's history on the Internet Archive.
I've been a chess coach for more than 20 years. In the unlikely event that our site had to close down and you had paid in advance for any of our services, you would get a full refund equivalent to the period of time which you didn't get the service for. I don't think earning a few extra dollars would compensate the damage of our hard earned reputation: not a single complaint in over 15 years...

You've opened a nice site and now you want to cash in!

In one word: No. I've devoted a great part of my life to both chess and website technologies. I started with a bulletin board (chessnia bbs) more than 20 years ago and to give you an idea of my experience as a forum manager, I've posted more than 8000 messages on my spanish site, ajedrecista.com alone and many more thousands before that on other sites.
My chess.clinic site represents, literally, many hundreds of hours of work. My training plans are based on hard work by my students, but also by me.

Something's not displaying properly on your website, there seems to be an error with the code.

That's possible, but quite frequently the error is caused by the Internet Explorer Browser. I love some of Microsoft's products, but for a better Web Browsing experience, please use Chrome (recommended), Firefox or Microsoft´s new Edge browser.