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How you add a replay game?

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At chessnia.com you can add your own games so that the game can be viewed (or downloaded) by other users.

Although it can take a bit of practice, the way to do it is relatively easy. If you wish to add a game to your post, you need to use the following codes in your post:


[pgn] game in .PGN format goes here [/pgn]


And when your post is sent, users will be able to follow the game on a chess board embedded to the post.


To make it easier, you can write the names of the players, opening codes, dates. etc before using the pgn codes.


IMPORTANT: The game format MUST be pgn and MUST be in English.


For example, if you wanted to add the 4 moves checkmate to a post, this is what you'd have to add:


 [pgn] 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Nc6 3.Qh5 Nf6 4.Qxf7++ [/pgn]


And this is what the game would look like:




Where do we get the game in pgn format from? Well, given that pgn is basically text format, you could do it by hand, but admitedly it is very easy to make a mistake that way. There are many programs out there that would let you transcibe a game. For example, if you're using Chessbase 8, you could do it like this:




You just open a game and then press "Control + C". The game is automatically copied into your pc's memory. Then, when you're writing your create a new post on our forums, you'd do this:


 [pgn] and now press "Control + V" (to paste the content of your pc's memory) [/pgn]

It's that simple! :) You might need to cut and paste Players' and tournament details and put them outside the pgn codes, but that's about it...


NEW: The easiest way is to use the codes on the "Quick Access menu" on the left of the editor when you post a message on this forum. Simply click on the "Display a chess game!" option and enter the game in the box. That's it.

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