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  1. I'm often asked which app I use to follow online tournaments. The question does surprise me a little: there is nothing better than "Followchess", a FREE application and available for Android, Iphone (or any other operating system if you access their site directly from a browser: www.followchess.com). Among the great virtues of the program is its ease of use and the speed of transmission of games. In addition, they cover tournaments which nobody else pays any attention to: Open tournaments from all over the world -sometimes even the ones with an average rating of 1800- or Live World Cham
  2. A new edition of the Sinquefield Cup has just started, the St. Louis tournament with $ 300,000 in prizes. One of thh tournament highlights will no doubt be the match between Carlsen and Caruana, a pretty significant game considering the these two will meet again in November for the World Championship! In the first round, Mamedyarov (who, by the way, thanks to this victory climbs to second place on the Elo lis) caused some turmoil thanks to his interesting opening choice on move six of his Queen's Gambit (6.Qc2!?) Participants: Magnus Carlsen, Alexander Grischuk, Fabiano Caruana, Hikar
  3. The best chess server in the world, Lichess (www.lichess.org), has just broken a new record this week by routinely having over 34,000 live online players, a figure that far surpasses other chess servers: chess.com, ICC and chessbase's playchess.com. Lichess already has a base of more than one million users who regularly connect to their server and the speed of play far exceeds its competitors: speed is such that games at 60, 30 or even 15 seconds without time increments are becoming ever more popular. In addition to its technical virtues, lichess is TOTALLY FREE and already has more tha
  4. I decided to take a look at this game rather accidentally. I think It was one of those days when the big boys were playing in the world blitz championship, and I was curious to see if the quality of the games played by the young minds would be any better (it definitely was!). When I came across this game, my first impression was: oh my god, this was a HUGE swindle! However, the more I studied it, the more I realised how wrong I was: it was not a swindle at all, it was an incredible masterpiece! Lukasz Jarmula is a young (17) International Master from Poland. What I find incredib
  5. Yes, I think that book is definitly too advanced for a beginner... I'd go for "My System" or "Logical chess move by move" or other beginner manuals.
  6. Well, I guess there's some truth in that, but there some new books out there which can be considered "jewels".
  7. That is indeed a typo. Thanks for pointing it out! Quizzes will be upgraded at some point, as flash is slowly dying out.
  8. Hi Franks, thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, Adobe made some decisions which have resulted in a major slow-down of educational books: They gave up on further development of Flash and, more importantly, they never allowed animated gifs on their pdf files, which would have solved may of the problems. Thus, we have a scenario where it is possible to develop an application which will allow what you're requesting BUT: it will only be compatible with *some* operating systems and not others, which is the major issue. So at present I'm leaning towards pdf (without animations) and then have
  9. Carlsen has won Zurich 2014 (which was really not the strongest tournament in history, as it wasn't a double round robin and some of the worls's best players were not there. I mean, just 5 rounds of slow chess, it's not serious!). Magnus was 2 points ahead of Aronian before the rapid games began, and most GMs thought he wouldn't have any problems keeping his advantage. But they were wrong! Magnus lost 2 games, against his toughest opponents, Aronian and Caruana, and only managed to score 40% (2 points out of 5, with a rating performance of 2713 compared to a rating performance of +30
  10. Aronian's defeat against Caruana in the fifth round of the Zurich tournament could have a consequence: less people will be inclined to try something other than the ugly Berlin defence against the Ruy Lopez! Truth be told, however, Levon's defeat had little to do with the opening, as he had equalized. The endgame does seem a little more comfortable for Fabiano... It is a little surprising that Aronian's loss should happen in the last round of the tournament, just like it happened in the recent Tata Steel tournament. Does he tend to relax a little in the last rounds? Carlsen playe
  11. No draws today in Zurich. Carlsen played an amazing game and defeating Caruana very convincingly (from a rather insipid opening position, as usual!). See analysis below. Anand played his best game so far and managed to beat Gelfand. Nakamura hasn't fully recovered from yesterday's dramatic loss against Carlsen and it showed in his game against Aronian, who got a very good game out of the opening. [pgn][Event "Zurich Chess Challenge 2014"] [site "Zurich SUI"] [Date "2014.02.02"] [Round "4.2"] [White "Carlse n, Magnus"] [black "Caruan a, Fabiano"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "C65"] [WhiteElo "28
  12. Round 3 at Zurich. Nakamura had Carlsen against the ropes today, but Magnus still managed to scape with the full point. A game worthy of study, no doubt! See full annotations below. Aronian-Gelfand was a draw where not very much happened. Although longer, not much happened in Caruana-Anand either. You can view all games by clicking on the menu above the little board. [pgn][Event "Zurich Chess Challenge 2014"] [site "Zurich SUI"] [Date "2014.02.01"] [Round "3.2"] [White "Nakamur a, Hikaru"] [black "Carlse n, Magnus"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "E20"] [WhiteElo "2789"] [blackElo "2872"] [
  13. It's sad to see Anand losing 2 games in a row. His next tournament will be the candidates and if he scores badly for the rest of the tournament (he still has to play against Carlsen!), I doubt he'll be able to recover psychologically for that event. Vishy had doubts about taking part in it to begin with, although he did confirm that he'd be taking part. Truth be told, Nakamura played a formidable game against him... Meanwhile Carlsen didn't get much out of the opening against Aronian and had to fight for the draw. Gelfand-Nakamura was a very interesting draw. Gelfand seemed a little worse
  14. Carlsen beat Gelfand (convincingly), Aronian won against Anand (convincingly also) and Nakamura-Caruana was a draw. First game is annotated. The other two can be viewed clicking on the board viewer menu, above the board. [pgn][Event "Zurich Chess Challenge 2014"] [site "Zurich SUI"] [Date "2014.01.30"] [Round "1.1"] [White "Carlse n, Magnus"] [black "Gelfan d, Boris"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "E60"] [WhiteElo "2872"] [blackElo "2777"] [Annotator "I.M. Javier Gil"] [PlyCount "73"] [EventDate "2014.01.30"] 1. c4 g6 2. d4 Nf6 3. Nf3 Bg7 4. g3 c6 {Javier: It's a pity that we didn't get to see
  15. The Zurich 2014 Super Chess Tournament has just begun ( January 29 to February 4 ) with an average ELO of 2801. (BTW , I've looked it up and to get an IM norm in this tournament, you'd only need 0.35 points (!!), which is like showing up for the games! XD ) Is this the strongest tournament ever . In my opinion, no, not even close!. The reason is that only 5 slow games will be played . The other 5 will semi-rapid , and the remaining 5, a blitz tournament. But not just that, there are big names missing: Kramnik or Topalov are much tougher than Gelfand (and they have a higher rating). Still, a pr
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