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  1. I've got only 2 books of John Emms:"Simple chess" and "More Simple Chess"
  2. Hi all,I'm an amateur,but i love chess.My chess abilities it strong second category maximum,but I want to increase them.I have gathered a lot of chess books last time,and I want to begin them study.Unfortunately, i don't know which I should study first Sad( Here list of my most curious book is : openings 1.)Emms-Attacking with e4 2.)Joe Gallagher - Play the King's Indian - A Complete Repertoire for Black 3.)Robert Bellin & Pietro Ponzetto - Mastering the King's Indian Defense 4.)Sam Collins - An Attacking Repertoire for White 5.)Chess Ebook Emms, John - Play the Open Games as Black 6.)Danny Kopec - Mastering the Sicilian 7.)John L. Watson - Play the French9 new 8.)Jonathan Rowson - Understanding the Grunfeld 9.)Rogozenko, Dorian - Anti-Sicilians 10.)Yasser.Seirawan.-.Winning.Chess.Openings 11.)Kasparov - Sicilian Scheveningen (3rd ed, 1991) 12.)C. Ward - Starting Out - The Nimzo-Indian 13.).Joe.Gallagher.-.Starting.Out.-.The.King's.Indian 14.)Khalifman, Alexander - Opening for White According to Anand vol1&2 15.)Starting Out Closed Sicilian 16.)Mark Dvoretsky - Opening Preparation 17.)Dvoretsky, M. - School of Chess Excellence 4 - Opening Developments 18.)Tim Harding, Janis Vitomskis & Martin Bennedik - The Total Marshall 19.)Palliser-_Play 1.d4 20.)Aagaard_Lund-_Meeting 1.d4 21.)Davies__N._-_The_Dynamic_Reti 22.)John Emms - Easy Guide to the Ruy Lopez 23.)Ideas Behind chess openings 24.)Gary Lane - Beating the French 25.)Jon Speelman & Neil McDonald - Modern Defence 26.)John Nunn - Understanding Chess Move by Move 27.)Colin McNab - Catalan I wanted to pay attention that I'm 1.e4 player,after 1...e5 i like to play ruy lopez,and against 1...c5-closed sicilian Strategy,tactics,middle game 1.)Danny Kopec - Test, Evaluate and Improve Your Chess 2.)Pafu - The Defense Game 3.)Pafu - The Center Game 4.)Simon Williams - Improve Your Attacking Chess 5.)Heisman, Dan - Looking for Trouble - Recognizing and Meeting Threats in Chess 6.)Roman Pelts & Lev Alburt - Comprehensive Chess Course, Vol. 2 7.)Gennady Nesis - Tactical Chess Exchanges 8.)Angus Dunnington - Can You Be a Positional Chess Genius 9.)Dunnington, Angus - Starting Out - Defensive Play 10.)Andrew Kinsman - Improve Your Middlegame Play 11.)David LeMoir - How to Become a Deadly Chess Tactician 12.)John Emms - Simple Chess&More simple chess 13.)Sunil Weeramantry & Ed Eusebi - Best Lessons of a Chess Coach 14.)Baburin - Winning Pawn Structures 15.)School Of Chess Excellence 3 - Strategic Play Vol 09 (Mark Dvoretsky) 16.)Dvoretsky, M. - School of Chess Excellence 2 - Tactical Play 17.) Aagaard, Jacob - Excelling At Positional Chess 18.)[Nimzowitsch,.Aron].My.System.(21st.century.ed) 19.)Mikhail Shereshevsky - The Soviet Chess Conveyor 20.)Suetin - Plan like a grandmaster 21.)Jonathan Tisdall - Improve your chess 22.)John Nunn - Secrets of Practical Chess 23.)Carsten Hansen - Improve your positional chess 24.)Alexander Kotov - Chess Tactics 25.)Alexander Raetsky & Maxim Chetverik - Alexander Alekhine - Master of Attack 26.)Mark Dvoretsky - Secrets of Chess Tactics 27.)Mark Dvoretsky - Secrets of chess training 28.)Hans Berliner - The system (scanned by Dendix) 29.)Valeri Beim - How to Play Dynamic Chess 30.)Larry Christiansen - Rocking the Ramparts - A Guide to Attacking Chess 31.)Eduard Gufeld - Exploiting Small Advantages 32.)Abrahams-Technique of chess Here I've a lot of problem,which book(books) is9are) the best for me,because I've a lot of gaps here in my game abitilty Endings 1.)Edmar Mednis - Practical Rook Endings 2.)M. I. Shereshevsky & L. M. Slutsky - Mastering the Endgame, Vol.2 - Closed Games 3.)Capablanca Best Chess Endings 4.)Pachman, Ludek - Chess Endings for the Practical Player 5.)Dvoretsky, M. - School of Chess Excellence 1 - Endgame Analysis 6.)Ian Snape - Chess endings made simple 7.)Pandolfini's Endgame course 8.)Bernd Rosen - Chess endgame training 9.) Emms-Survival guide to rook endings 10.)Viktor Korchnoi - Practical Rook Endings 11.)Karsten Mueller & Frank Lamprecht - Fundamental Chess Endings 12.Nunn-pracical rook endings again my problem is which of them Ishould study first... So, which books are fairest for 1800-1900 player like me??What begin from? Opening strategy or endings??Which books did You study?I apologize for my english, I'm teaching it still Cool
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