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  1. Hello. I just took that double attack test #1 and I think there is something inacurrate there. Question 15 is this: and the answer marked as correct is: very nice and sufficent to win, but i think this is even better: because if black captures the bishop, there is a family check with Ng5+ and if not, white can still carry out the Qxe4 idea. cheers, Philip P.S. I think I have found another flaw there, Question 20 is: "what is the worst move now?" and on marking the blunder-move, I get a wrong there. Also, in Question 10 the Move marked as correct is B
  2. i get this: There was an error querying the database, MySQL said: (1054) Unknown column 'legacy_password' in 'where clause' The following query was attemped: SELECT id,name,time_offset,mgroup FROM ibf_members WHERE id='641' AND legacy_password='312f8fffe1a18161422bf198672552d8' AND mgroup NOT IN (2,1,5)
  3. hi. I just saw your lecture on playchess.com and wondered wether you could tell me what games you were showing. I would quite like to do some further study on some of those. (especially the one with ra6 in the opening) Thank you. Philip
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