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Carlsen wins Zurich despite poor performance in rapid games

Started by Javier , Feb 05 2014 06:14 AM
Zurich Carlsen

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Carlsen has won Zurich 2014 (which was really not the strongest tournament in history, as it wasn't a double round robin and some of the worls's best players were not there. I mean, just 5 rounds of slow chess, it's not serious!).

Magnus was 2 points ahead of Aronian before the rapid games began, and most GMs thought he wouldn't have any problems keeping his advantage.

But they were wrong! Magnus lost 2 games, against his toughest opponents, Aronian and Caruana, and only managed to score 40% (2 points out of 5, with a rating performance of 2713 compared to a rating performance of +3000 in the slow games). However, Nakamura managed to defeat Aronian in his game and put a stop to the Armenian's hopes.

Caruana won the rapid tournament with 4 out of 5 (and a rating performance of +3000 also)

It must be said, however, that 15 minutes + 10 seconds increment is not really considered a rapid game (which is 25 minutes + 10). Aronian commented: "it was something kind of in between a blitz game and a rapid game. But I guess it was entertaining" . 

Meanwhile American GM Nakamura (3.5/5) reflected on a somewhat chilling fact: If only he'd defeated Carlsen in "that game" (which was totally winning for him), he would have ended up on 9.5 instead of 7.5, winning the tournament. (don't forget that the slow games score double) . Perhaps these little details will decide the tournaments of this decade? perhaps! 

The quality of the rapid games was below what we expected. 

Combined final standings:


Carlsen 10,

Caruana , Aronian 9,

Nakamura 7.5,

Anand 5,

Gelfand 4.5


Las 15 partidas semirrápidas:


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