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Zurich, round 5. Caruana defeats Aronian.

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Aronian's defeat against Caruana in the fifth round of the Zurich tournament could have a consequence: less people will be inclined to try something other than the ugly Berlin defence against the Ruy Lopez!

Truth be told, however, Levon's defeat had little to do with the opening, as he had equalized. The endgame does seem a little more comfortable for Fabiano...

It is a little surprising that Aronian's loss should happen in the last round of the tournament, just like it happened in the recent Tata Steel tournament. Does he tend to relax a little in the last rounds?

Carlsen played a Berlin against Anand and Vishy achieved very little. They only played on to avoid having to play a blitz game.

This is not Nakamura´s tournament, so his draw offer on move 21 against Gelfand did not come as much of a surprise.

5 rapid games will now follow (with reversed colours), the 5 games being played in one day.

It will be hard to catch Magnus, as he's on 8 points, the slow games being worth double points...


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